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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Recent Works

                      Balaji Telifilms as assistant director in 2005.

                     Worked  for UTV motion pictures and culture company production’s Hindi movie Phir Kabhi as an assistant director with director Venkatesh Prakash and cinematographer N. Nattarajan Subramanium (nutty)and dedly. Costume designer in the movie was Bhanu Athaiya and Nitin Desai was the art director.The assistant Directors in the movie were – Raju kafley, Kamlesh kunti singh, Shwapnanil chatterjee, Sajimon, Brinda, Rashmi and Jayant mohanta.

  •                     Hindi Movie : - "Tum Jo Mile" Directed by - Param Shivam; Assisted by - Raju Kafley

choregraphy : Nimesh Bhatt 
Art director :Gappa Chakraborty
Assistant Directors : Raju Kafley , Tanmay Ghosh, Subhashis, Shruti Bhatt, Devolina Banerjee 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hindi Films (Mumbai)

Hindi Films (Mumbai)

Production House
Swapnanil chatterjee
Manoj Singh
A Hundred Rupee Photo
Kamlesh Kunti Singh
Manoj Singh
Phir Kabhi
Venkatesh Prakash
Natarajan Subramanian (Natty)
UTV & The Culture Company
Morning Walk
Arup Dutta
Chandan Goswami
Arup Dutta
Chandan Goswami

Param Shivam
Dreams Productions
Chutki Baja ke
Arup Dutta


Above are the movies assisted during the timespan of 2005-2010.

Hindi Serials (Mumbai)

Hindi Serials (Mumbai)

Chief Asst. Director:-

1.      Kahani Ghar ghar ki                                                Balaji (Star Plus)
2.      Nagin                                                                     A.K. Films(Zee T.V.)
3.      Grahasthi                                                                Sphere Origin (Star Plus)
4.      Doli Saja ke                                                           A.K. Films (Star One)
5.      Kasam se                                                               Balaji (Zee T.V.)

Those serials are assisted during various time spans between 2005 to 2008.


Music Videos

  1. “AROMA” : Music Video for Nepali pop Directed during 2003 contains six songs
  2. Radio Jockey in Times FM 90.6 MHz during 2003-2004 
  3. "Teanager's Voice" : Director And RJ
  4.  "Fast Forward" :Director and RJ
  5. "Music Mix" : Director and RJ
  6. "Subah Savera" : Director and RJ
  7. "Time's Countdown" : Director and RJ


Advertisements (Nepal)

1.      Director : Shekhar Shoes Television commercial
2.      Director: Godawari Marble  Television Commercial
3.      Director: Goodnight Mosquito Coils Television Commercial
4.      Director: Birla Cement Television commercial

Television Nepal

Works for Television (Nepal)

                                                    “Hijo aaj ka kura”: A television serial Assisted under Santosh Pant during one and a half year span of2002 to 2003. (Nepal Television)

                                                    “Lau Maryo”: Worked as Chief Assistant Director with Prabhakar Dev Sharma for first seven months, and Directed rest of the shoot during next six months. (Nepal Television 2004-2005)      
                                                    “Guru Mantra”:  Worked as Chief Assistant Director with Prabhakar Dev Sharma for first seven months, and Directed rest of the shoot during next six months.  (Kantipur Television 2004-2005)  
                                                “Yestai ho Jindagi”: Tele-serial Directed for channel Nepal. (2005)
                                                   During 2004 directed two documentaries on Nepal milk products.

My Theatre Experiences

My Theatre Experiences

                                                      Right from my 10th year of life, I fortunately got to witness the enormous glory of theatrical arts when I started out writing and directing plays in my early artistic life. My initial experiences with theater included:
                                                    “Bhanu-bhakt” – Based on the man who started Nepali literature by translating Ramayana.  A tribute to Bhanu-Bhakt Achrya who inspired from a Ghasiyara to work hard and bring out a language for his native place. It was the initiation of easy Nepali language.

                                                     “Dashain” – It was a socio–emotional drama based on a tragic story of a boy not returning back to home from borders, while family is preparing celebration to be performed with him.
                                                       “Paristhiti” – A social drama based on a family that is educated but cannot apply the educational wisdom to save their family from the threats of an over populated family burden of serious poverty.
                                                     “Yeshari Andhakar Chauncha” – A drama based on a happy family terminated of AIDS.
                                                    “Swatantra Bharat” –Role of Mahatma Gandhi in freedom struggle moment of India.